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Finally a simple way to download the “Debugging Tools for Windows”

Since a few weeks (months maybe?) the only way to download the marvelous “Debugging Tools for WIndows”  package is something quite difficult : first you have to go to the Microsoft dedicated website, then get the whole Windows SDK package (just a web download starter…) and find which option to install to finally get the Windbg executable. Beyond those annoying steps, Microsoft added another difficulty: the description of each option in the installer is not descriptive at all. And again, publish only an installer for a product that is have been designed to avoid any kind of installation (think about your production server where you really want to use that debugger…) is a little bit weird, isnt’it?

Following the advise of a good friend, I choose to reveal the almost-hidden checkbox and especially give the zipped file of the x86 and x64 version.

As the most important is the files, here they are :

Debugging Tools for Windows v6.12 x64

Debugging Tools for Windows v6.12 x86

And for those who want to install it by themselves, here is the screen capture of the installer:

This whole thing is so complicated for such a vital tool…let’s hope that Microsoft will hear my complain and will soon offer an out-of-the box zip file for their most famous debugger!

  1. soder
    May 6, 2014 at 11:02 am

    Thank you very much for your work to include the direct link to this tool. By the way, the person(s) at MS who decided that is the proper way to offer the tool to the public community for download, should go to hell and suffer for eternity. I mean this seriously.

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