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An introduction to WinDbg for developpers

Kirk Evans from Microsoft posts a nice introduction to WinDbg for developers on his blog, I recommend anybody who wants to unleashed his true debugging power to check it out: Intro to WinDbg for .NET developpers.

WinDbg rulez.

[French] Les nouveautes du noyau de Windows 7 et de Windows 2008 R2

Bonjour, la vidéo de ma session aux TechDays 2011 est disponible ici, et il n’y toujours pas de plugin Silverlight pour WordPress (en tous cas pour ceux qui préfèrent laisser les développeurs de WordPress ‘hoster’ leur blog). La présentation est toujours disponible ici.

Bon webcast !

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[French] Et si Sherlock Holmes faisait du debugging

Bonjour, la vidéo de ma session aux TechDays 2011 est disponible ici (hé oui, on ne peux pas intégrer de vidéo Silverlight dans WordPress, il faut donc cliquer sur un lien…). Bien sur, la présentation est toujours disponible ici.

Bon webcast !

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The TechDays 2011 are over

February 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Let me share a nice picture took by a friend of mine during my Windows 7 kernel session:

Here is a link to the PowerPoint documents (in French!):

Les nouveautes du noyau de Windows 7 et de Windows 2008 R2

Et si Sherlock Holmes faisait du debugging ?

I’ll share some media content as soon as it’s available. In the meantime, I would like to thanks all the people who came to those sessions, my two co-speakers (Herve ‘kernel debugger’ Chapalain and Gilles ‘Captain C++’ Guimard), Eric Vernie who let me do this sessions, and of course Bruno Boucard, without whom none of this would happen.

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Here comes the Microsoft TechDays 2011

February 6, 2011 Leave a comment

I have the pleasure to announce you that I will speak on two sessions during the next Microsoft TechDays in Paris.

First one will focus on how to find and destroy bugs: “What if Sherlock Homes did debugging ?”.

Second one will highlight major changes in the kernel of new Microsoft operating system: “Kernel changes in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2”.

I will post the PowerPoint files after the sessions, and a video link if I can find it. Sadly, it will be in French…but I’ll develop on BugSlasher a few things that I learned doing those sessions.

Hope I can see you there!

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Happy new year !

January 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Happy debugging, may you find happiness, fame and money by hunting bugs !

For this new year, I want to share with you a tremendously useful site : The Universal Troubleshooting Process written by Steve Litt (not the football player).

My life has changed since I read it :)

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