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How to always have the local variables values in a .NET callstack

Maybe you already had this kind of details while using the ‘!clrstack‘ command from the SOS debugging extension. And by the rules of the Murphy’s Law, it always happens specifically on the local variable that you really need to see in order to slash the bug you’re working on.

This <no data> stuff can be seen especially in release compilation because the Jitter will use all the optimization tricks it can, among which you can find inlining and massive use of registry for temporary variables, so reading local variables is almost impossible (remember C++ hum ?). Hopefully the CLR offer a simple way to disable any kind of optimization (beware, doing this have a major impact on performances!).

The solution is given on the help message of the !CLRStack SOS command :

So I put a ini file close to my executable, and it works perfectly:

Nicer, right? But don’t forget that this have a major performance penalty…so don’t let this file near of the executable on a production system!

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